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Spring Snow and Flooding in Minneapolis

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment stacked inside storage facility Are you ready for spring snows and flooding? SERVPRO is!

Heavy Spring Snow in Minneapolis Can Lead to Water Damage 

Recent years have shown that snow events can outlast the calendar-defined winter in Minneapolis. As the temperatures rise, the amount of water in every inch of snow falling increases, making the snow heavier. During a late-season snowstorm, the wet, weighty precipitation overburdens trees and utility poles as well as your roof. Windy weather exacerbates the situation, exposing your home to damage from toppled trees, sheared off branches, and downed wires.  

Snow Is Just a Thaw Away from Water Damage 

When weather compromises your roof or exterior in Minneapolis, snow invades, water damage following as it melts. Our crews hold multiple certifications that prepare them to respond rapidly to all aspects of snowstorm damage. Emergency services begin as soon as we arrive, after an assessment of safety risks. Power lines or affected electricity inside your home can expose your family or our crews to shock or electrocution. A temporary shut off protects all, allowing our employees to: 

  • Board up or tarp parts of the roof and exterior to halt further snow and water incursion.
  • Begin removing snow and moving on to water pumping and extraction
  • Move contents to a more secure space 

Importance of Moisture Detection and Measurement 

When snow is the primary precipitation making its way inside your home, it can seem to disappear as it melts. In reality, the meltwater does remain inside your house, seeping into cracks and soaking porous building materials and causing water damage. As soon as practicable, one of our trained and skilled technicians uses sensitive moisture detection and measuring devices, including a thermal imaging camera, to follow the migration of the melted snow into building cavities, subfloors, and other structural components. SERVPRO crews then use a range of strategies to gain access to and release the water and permit drying with air movers, heat, and dehumidifiers: 

  • Holes drilled after careful removal of baseboards
  • Flood cuts several inches above the watermark if drywall sustained severe saturation
  • Holes drilled in mortar joints where water hid inside cinder block cells or behind concrete or masonry
  • Drying mats using negative air pressure (suction) to pull moisture out of several layers of flooring  

The highly-qualified crews of SERVPRO of Minnetonka stand ready to help you regain your home’s security and comfort after water loss following snow damage. Our phones are answered 24/7 every day of the year at (952) 473-4837. 

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When Ice Dams Cause Flooding in Your Minneapolis Home

2/15/2020 (Permalink)

Icicles on roof; ice dam formed Ice dams are common in Minnesota. SERVPRO has the tools to dry your home. Call us today!

Seasonal Transitions: Flood Damage Solutions for Your Minneapolis Business 

As the grip winter holds in Minneapolis loosens, concern turns to the risks snowmelt and spring rains can bring to business owners. Commercial buildings often feature flat roofs in the land of otherwise steeply pitched shingles, exposing retail centers, schools, and warehouses to an overhead flooding hazard as months of built-up snow and ice liquify. When roof drains malfunction because of ice dams, and the frozen ground surrounding a building is unable to absorb more liquid, water finds its way inside.  

Signals that Flooding Is Imminent 

If several feet around your commercial building is an ice-filled moat, flood damage in Minneapolis can follow. Another sign that water lurks are bulging ceiling tiles that hides collected meltwater seeking an outlet. Outside, a visual inspection can show water blocked from flowing down drain spouts by debris or ice dams instead of sheeting down the exterior. These fluids find ways inside the building through permeable building materials like concrete and masonry. Walls become soaked, insulation packs down, and floodwater collects at the lowest level. 

Fluctuating Outdoor Temperatures Complicate Extraction and Drying 

Cold, slushy water exacerbated by overnight freezes can impede the rapid water removal. SERVPRO crews can accelerate the efficiency of pumps and wanded extractors by removing ice with shovels. If possible, increasing interior temperatures can help reduce icy debris during water evacuation. After we eliminate the liquid flood water, we consider the best balance of air movement and dehumidifiers for a cold temperature drying configuration. We use an open system as the cooler outdoor air leads to condensation issues inside. 

Use of Desiccant Dehumidifiers 

When temperatures are below 50 degrees F in your commercial building, it is hard to increase the temperature in a vast space. SERVPRO Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians turn to desiccant dehumidifiers. Desiccant units work far more effectively than refrigerant dehumidifiers under these conditions. Dense materials with low porosity and low permeability like hardwood floors, framing materials, and concrete are common in commercial spaces, and they also benefit from the use of desiccant-type dehumidifiers. 

SERVPRO of Minnetonka understands that adaptations to conventional flood damage and removal techniques are necessary for the best results during cold and transitional weather. Call us at (952) 473-4837 to schedule an evaluation. 

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Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets after Fire Damage in Minneapolis

2/7/2020 (Permalink)

Aftermath of kitchen fire Our experts know what to do after a fire in your Minneapolis home. Call us at (952) 473-4837.

A Fire In Your Minneapolis Home Can Lead To a Variety Of Problems You Will Face

If your Minneapolis home suffers a kitchen fire, you are not alone. Research confirms that approximately 44 percent of home fires begin in the kitchen. An accidental bump of a pan or drips of grease or oil over the side can raise a ball of fire. Cotton towels or potholders too near a gas flame or touching an electric burner can be the ignition. Food neglected or forgotten, desirable browning turning to blackening in a saute pan or oven, are other risks that can transform your cheerful kitchen into a sooty, smelly mess. 

A Special Type of Residue

The soot created during fire damage in Minneapolis is particularly challenging for restorers. The visible surfaces of your wooden kitchen cabinets can be covered entirely in the protein-based soot, which is dehydrated residues of meats, oils and grease, and other foods. Although the coating appears nearly transparent, it is a significant issue, challenging to remove because it clings tenaciously, almost becoming one with the cabinets. The smell is pungent and distasteful, persistently present until removal of all the residue.

Wooden Cabinet Cleaning Steps

SERVPRO follows the restoration industry’s best practices when resolving fire damage to kitchen cabinets. Our crew trains to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) specifications, an international standards-setting organization. Our technicians might use all or some of the following strategies.

Soot Removal Techniques -- Prepping for Cleaning

  • Remove loose debris with a vacuum, holding the tool slightly above surfaces to prevent forcing particles into the wood.
  • Use a dry chemical sponge to remove embedded soot, taking care not to grind residues into wood fibers.
  • Wipe all wood surfaces with a clean towel or cloth dampened with a proprietary cleaning or prepping solution selected after pretesting.
  • Consider the use of 0000-grade steel wool to dislodge the varnish-like protein-based residue, always working in the direction of the wood grain.

Cleaning Techniques

  • Use fine-grit sandpaper to reduce charring and remove burn and soot stains.
  • Wipe with a tack cloth after sanding.
  • Apply SERVPRO’s cream wood restoration polish and permit a brief dwell time to loosen soiling.
  • Work the polish into the cabinets, following the wood grain. We monitor and undesired damage to the surface as we work, adding additional cream to cushion if needed.
  • Remove excess cream polish with a clean, soft towel. Buff to return to the pre-existing finish.

Trust SERVPRO of Minnetonka to assess and plan appropriately when a kitchen fire damages wooden cabinets. As soon as the scene is cleared for cleaning, call us at (952) 473-4837 for an evaluation and implementation of a proven recovery agenda.

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At Last, The Secret to Successful Water Damage Remediation in Minneapolis Is Revealed

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

broken pipe that is leaking When pipes break, water damage can occur. Combat water damage with a call to Team SERVPRO. We are available 24/7to take your call.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Minneapolis Can Require Dealing With Asbestos

It is possible that someday a pipe could break in a unit above your Minneapolis gift store overnight. The leak could then spray several gallons of liquid H2O inside your gift shop and cause you to have to conduct commercial water damage restoration. Moisture coming into your place of business from the ceiling can cause several of your building materials and contents to get wet. Since water follows gravity, your floors could get affected.

Luckily our team of experts at SERVPRO has dealt with several different commercial water damage projects in Minneapolis. We know that when dealing with your company's building that keeping your business operating is vital. If it is required, we can change how we conduct the restoration operations so that your company can stay functioning as usual.

Once the flooring inside your gift shop gets wet, the floor coverings could get damaged. Floor coverings such as carpet or linoleum can also trap moisture underneath them and prevent your subfloors from drying out. In more extreme situations, building materials like your carpet can get saturated. When carpet gets wet, it can become delaminated, which happens when the carpet fibers break loose from their backing. Once any carpets inside your store get delaminated, they must be removed and replaced.

Sometimes when removing carpets, our SERVPRO technicians find other floor coverings such as more carpet or older vinyl tiles underneath the top floor covering. When dealing with older flooring materials we use caution because glues and vinyl tiles created decades ago could have asbestos inside them. As soon as we find any materials that look like they could contain asbestos, we call in a certified industrial hygienist to test the materials. If asbestos is found, then the demolition work must get completed by a professional asbestos removal contractor.

Once all of the asbestos has been removed from your building, we can then inspect your subfloor and see if it got wet. If our moisture sensors tell us that your wooden subfloors have a high moisture content, then we can set up fans and dehumidifiers to dry out your affected building materials.

If you ever notice wet items or standing water inside your gift shop when you go to open it in the morning, call SERVPRO of Minnetonka at (952) 473-4837 24 hours a day. We can return your gift store to the way it was before the water leak, "Like it never even happened."

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SERVPRO Has What it Takes to Restore Water Damage in Minneapolis

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment in water damaged bathroom We have the equipment to quickly dry plumbing leaks before major damage occurs. Call us today!

Water Damage in Minneapolis  – Response Time is Important

Whenever there is a plumbing leak, water can spread quickly from room to room and travel to other floors, causing a great deal of damage. Flooring materials are soaked, walls and ceilings may fill with water, and the contents of the building are also damaged. A rapid response is imperative to limit the amount of water damage and the possibility of mold growth.

SERVPRO provides water damage restoration services in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Also, we certify our technicians to restore homes and commercial buildings that have been damaged by fire, mold, storms, and flood situation, as well as biohazards. Our teams are ready to deploy with the appropriate equipment on a 24/7 basis, and we aim to have our first response team onsite in less than four hours.


We certify our technicians have in every area of the restoration industry. A few examples include ASD - Applied Structural Drying Technician, CMR - Council-certified Microbial Remediator, and ECTP - Employee Certification Training Program.


Our local SERVPRO Franchise has all the latest equipment available to assist with water damage emergencies. From truck-mounted and submersible pumps to weighted carpet extractors and vacuum wands, we can remove water and moisture from your home. We also have the latest air movers with adapters to blow air into restricted spaces. We use moisture detectors to expose areas that may have hidden moisture pockets. We can deploy dehumidifiers to return humidity levels to normal levels.

Franchise Support

We are part of a nationwide franchise organization that can be called on to assist with substantial restoration challenges.

SERVPRO can also work closely with your insurance company to provide a stress-free claim process. We can assist with all of the paperwork. We also offer residential cleaning services, including air duct cleaning, and biohazards, vandalism, graffiti removal, and more.

We can restore your building to its original condition, "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Minnetonka at (952) 473-4837 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Isanti, Groveland, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Flood Damage In Your Minneapolis Home

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged home We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Help With Flood Damage in Your Minneapolis Home

Flooding often happens in Minneapolis when the snow melts in the spring, and there is excess precipitation added to the already-saturated ground.  Dealing with the restoration process after flood damage is an overwhelming challenge. Having the help of trained, competent professionals can make the process so much more comfortable from the actual restoration process itself to understanding how to best deal with insurance companies.

If you have flood damage in your Minneapolis home, SERVPRO is available to assist you every step of the way until your property is back to its preloss condition. We understand that time is of the essence and respond quickly to your emergency call. Our skilled technicians are available twenty-four hours a day, every single day of the year. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO technicians create a customized plan for the restoration of your home. We use the training learned in SERVPRO's Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to tackle each unique situation, understanding when and how to use moisture detectors and hygrometers to measure moisture content. We also decide if the damage requires controlled demolition techniques such as flood cuts to release trapped water. During each step of the process, our project managers use their advanced training and professional expertise to recover from flood damage effectively.

Aside from creating a customized plan, SERVPRO technicians use specialized equipment and cleaning agents to remove floodwater and disinfect after black water exposure, possibly containing disease-causing microorganisms and potentially dangerous chemical contaminants. When needed, we use submersible pumps to eliminate deep water and extraction tools for remaining moisture, either truck-mounted or in portable wand form. We then use high-velocity air movers to blow warm air over moist surfaces and industrial-strength dehumidifiers to draw moisture out of the air.

SERVPRO has specially formulated cleaners containing chlorine or alcohol that attack dangerous microbes to ensure the safety and health of everyone in your home. SERVPRO technicians are qualified professionals, ready to create a plan for restoration and execute that plan using knowledge, specialized equipment, and high-quality cleaning products. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Contact SERVPRO of Minnetonka at (952) 473-4837 for an expert consultation.

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We Provide Reliable Professional Water Cleanup In Minneapolis

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

water damage in home Call (952) 473-4837 to schedule a swift evaluation of any water loss.

Why SERVPRO Is a Leader in Minneapolis Disaster Recovery

Water damage in your Minneapolis residence can stem from many different sources. Most common are everyday accidents and malfunctions like overflowing tubs, leaks in plumbing, or appliance breakdowns. Sometimes these present as significant crises like a burst supply pipe or water spraying from a broken hose connection on a washer. Other times the water incursion seems minor but builds in intensity over time, like tiny cracks in plastic conduit or a gap in caulking around a shower or sink. Our crews are ready to respond regardless of the cause, why we are well-positioned to help.

We Have Met the Challenge Before
Coping with water cleanup in your Minneapolis home can feel overwhelming. Whether you face gallons of water all at one time or discover hidden damage due to a slower leak, it is difficult knowing what to do first, much less completing a water removal and drying project. Our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians bring many combined years of experience to every job. Although each water loss is unique, our familiarity with water cleanup industry best practices over a range of different circumstances is why we are prepared to manage nearly any water event confidently and skillfully.

We Arrive with Necessary Equipment
Our team can assess your water cleanup needs quickly and develop a recovery plan that is both practical and efficient. We enhance of success of our efforts by traveling to your site with fully stocked service vehicles, avoiding any delay in the implementation of the project agenda. An extensive inventory of commercial-grade pumps and extractors, along with air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers, are why SERVPRO crews begin work immediately. Fast, professional action is the most reliable indicator of a successful outcome after water incursion.

We Remain Available After the Work Is Done
Customer satisfaction depends on both expertly planned and completed projects and responsiveness now and in the future. Our commitment to the community is why SERVPRO stands out among water cleanup contractors. We stand behind our work and intend to be here, helping area residents for decades to come.

Fast and effective damage recovery is our mission, why SERVPRO of Minnetonka offers reliable, professional residential water cleanup services 24/7. Call (952) 473-4837 to schedule a swift evaluation of any water loss.

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How to Mitigate Water Loss and Closures for Minneapolis Commercial Sites--Ask SERVPRO for Advice

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

back service area of a facility with some drying equipment SERVPRO Is Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call Us to Keep Your Minneapolis Area Business Operational after a Water Loss

Tips for Minneapolis Business Owners to Avoid Commercial Water Cleanup Situations

Commercial water damage hit a business in multiple ways. The company usually needs to close for repairs, lack of revenue, and the loss from items directly damaged by the water.

There are actions business owners can take to protect their Minneapolis property from commercial water damage. It is far easier to dedicate a small amount of time towards proactive measures that assist in avoiding a loss to the property and contents. SERVPRO recommends doing the following:

Regular Inspections
Here in Minnesota, snowmelt and flash floods, as well as plumbing issues, are the reasons for water loss in commercial properties. Make a list of areas to check and look over those places once a month. In this way, small leaks, damage to the roofing, or pooling water from poor drainage does not have a chance to become a problem.

The winters in the state are brutal, and a little winterization goes a long way. Drafts can freeze pipes with poor insulation, which in turn causes the pipes to burst. Overnight and on weekends, make sure the heat in the building runs at sufficient temperatures, never lower than 50-degrees Fahrenheit, to prevent freezing pipes. If the thermostat has a battery backup, make sure to replace the batteries regularly.

Talk to Your Security Company About Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitors can send out an alert when there is an elevation in temperature or moisture. Many different monitoring agencies offer this type of service.  Having an early warning system in place has the potential to save your property from damage from both fire and water.

Establish an Emergency Plan
If water damage happened on-site, what should you do? Establish a list of where the water shut-off valve location and numbers to contact, such as SERVPRO for quick cleanup of the property. The technicians can remove water, restore furnishings, and handle proactive treatments against mold and odors.

We suggest contacting our office regarding a pro-active program we offer called the ERP--Emergency READY Profile Program. A Sales and Marketing Rep SMR can schedule a visit to your company and demonstrate the advantages of this effective measure to keep your business viable. No cost to you, and it can save your business from closure.

SERVPRO of Minnetonka at (952) 473-4837 is ready to assist local businesses with commercial water cleanup of any size. They arrive quickly and restore the property to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

We Act Fast In Minneapolis To Prevent Further Water Damage

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

One of our industrial air movers and dehumidifiers drying this bathroom after a water damage disaster We cleaned up the water and set up industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to aid in the drying process in this bathroom.

Preparing for Winter Water Damage in Minneapolis

Water Damage Minneapolis

The changing temperatures throughout the year can harm your water pipes, as well as putting added pressure onto your sump pump. It is a good idea to run maintenance checks on appliances before the winter months roll in to ensure your home is prepared for colder weather. Pipes can freeze, causing the water inside to expand, which can be a considerable problem for metal materials. Equally, heavy rainfall may put extra pressure on gutters as well as sump pumps that dispose of water.

You may prepare yourself properly and still end up with water damage in your Minneapolis home. Despite putting in place safeguards, the unfortunate truth is that accidents do happen. When they do, SERVPRO is here to help you get your home back to a healthy condition. The worse decision you can make is to do nothing. Over time water can stagnate, particularly in areas of the home with little natural airflow. Any stored fabrics or clothing can also quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

At a preliminary stage, you may want to consider removing furniture from the affected area. Larger items like sofas, tables, or cabinets can be left to a SERVPRO technician. If it is not possible to remove an item, we can block furniture, placing it above the water level while work is being done. Using vent box fans, we can encourage airflow in spaces and encourage the evaporation process. Our goal is to dry your home as quickly as possible, as this remains the most effective method of water restoration.

With the property appropriately dry, SERVPRO can start working to restore any water damaged contents or decor. Prolonged exposure to moisture can result in yellowing, discoloration, or watermarks on upholstery, flooring, and walls. For carpets and fabrics, we can load pre-conditioners into our truck-mounted extractors and distribute it efficiently where needed. Roto machines can buffer flooring, and furniture can be refinished to its preloss condition.

Acting quickly to recover your property after a water incident can play a crucial role in the recovery of losses. Contact SERVPRO of Minnetonka immediately at (952) 473-4837.

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Avoid Mistakes With Minneapolis Storm Damage Remediation by Calling SERVPRO

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

snow covered car and home Make sure that SERVPRO is your first call after a snow storm causes damage to your home.

Snow Storm Damage Potential Unlimited in Minneapolis

Homeowners in Minneapolis can suffer much more than high heating bills and an unshoveled walkway after a snowstorm. When blizzard conditions include high winds, icy and snowy forms of precipitation, and plunging temperatures, you can find yourself in need of much more than a plowing contractor. Power lines and tree branches, heavy with ice and snow, can crush a home, allowing water and freezing winds inside. Count on our hometown team to help you make it right.

Ice Followed by Snow Spells Trouble

When temperatures are warmer than 32 degrees, rain and sleet can be the first warnings of snow storm damage in Minneapolis. This “wintry mix” weighs down trees and eventually freezes solid on power lines, frequently still above ground and supported by utility poles in the city. High winds increase the danger and probability of tree branches, light poles, and utility wires damaging your home severely if they fall. 

Help Is Available 365 Days a Year

The SERVPRO team does not limit assistance in our snowy climes. We arrive to help whether the water now in your home is frozen or quickly on its way to melting to cause more harm. Our crews swiftly and skillfully board up and tarp any holes in windows, siding, or roofs. Meanwhile, our experienced project manager assesses the damage indoors, creating a plan to remove the snow, ice, and melted water and dry out the spaces. 

Exterior Roof and Gutter Damage Can Lead to Continuing Problems

Our team of experts mitigates and remediates the meltwater damage in the rooms of your dwelling quickly and thoroughly. At the same time, we refuse to lose sight of the possibility of progressive damage if proper repairs fail to be completed outside of your home. SERVPRO secures the outside for your chosen contractor to make roof and gutter repairs, so we do not need to return in the spring for ice dam water damage remediation. Our comprehensive understanding of the toll snow storms take to our northern homes permits us to help you now, during an emergency, as well as preventing predictable damage in the near future. 

You cannot be sure when the first significant snow storm hits, but you can count on SERVPRO of Minnetonka to help you survive the aftermath. Call us at (952) 473-4837 to make it “Like it never even happened” all seasons of the year.

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